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Sharvahn InterpolSharvahn Azer

Full name: Sharvahn Delahn Mahmudi-Azer
Gender: Female  /  Age: 11 years old
Height: 1.52 m  /  Weight: 41 kg

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Sharvahn is my caring, charismatic daughter who has a fantastic sense of humour. She loves spending time with friends, listening to music, and riding her bike. She loves crafts – painting, drawing, and beading. Sharvahn was really looking forward to starting Grade 6 this fall and already had her ‘first day of school’ outfit chosen by her August 3rd birthday. She is so much fun to be with. I miss her so much.

Rojevahn InterpolRojevahn Azer

Full name: Rojevahn Beritan Mahmudi-Azer
Gender: Female  /  Age: 9 years old
Height: 1.37 m /  Weight: 39 kg

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Rojevahn – nicknamed Roje – is a sweet, insightful daughter and a loyal friend. She loves playing Barbies and just got an American Girl doll from her grandparents for her birthday. Roje always tries to see the good in people and inspires people to do the right thing. She has a beautiful singing voice and often uses it to sing Meitan to sleep. I love talking with Roje – she has such a fascinating way of seeing the world – and I can’t wait until we can do that again.

Dersim InterpolDersim Azer

Full name: Dersim Baran Mahmudi-Azer
Gender: Male  /  Age: 7 years old
Height: 1.21 m  /  Weight: 27 kg

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Dersim is my deep thinking, soft hearted son. A year ago he started calling me ‘Muffin’ and told me to call him ‘Puffago’. I thought it was just between us until his best friend at school started calling me Miss Muffin! Dersim loves all things LEGO – the bigger the set the better. He makes fabulous structures but sometimes forgets to put them out of Meitan’s reach. The last night we spent together, Dersim told his siblings and me how proud he was to be in our family. I love his big brain and big heart!

Meitan InterpolMeitan Azer

Full name: Meitan Serbast Mahmudi-Azer
Gender: Male  /  Age: 3 years old
Height: 1.06 m  /  Weight: 20 kg

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Meitan turned three in June and though he thinks he’s ready to take on the world, he’s still my baby boy. The last time I spoke with him on the phone we played this game where we kept saying ‘I love youuuuuuu’ to each other and then we would start laughing. He loves Spiderman and Paw Patrol and trying to keep up with his older brother. Meitan is crazy about his grandparents and loves being in his Gran’s garden and Papa’s ‘boy cave.’ Our hearts are yearning to see him again.

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