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Six Months Too Long

As of February 15, 2016, it has been six months since the children were abducted into Iraqi Kurdistan. Please visit the Media Coverage page for new interviews with Alison, and continue to follow our efforts and lend your support through our Facebook page and group.

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Five Long Months

It has been five long months since Alison Azer last saw her children; five long months since she cuddled them, tucked them into bed, or told them she loves them. If anyone can get a message to Sharvahn, Rojevahn, Dersim and Meitan, please tell them their Mom loves them very, very much and [...]

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We need your help!

Iraq is in the midst of accelerating violence, and the children's safety is at risk. The RCMP and Interpol have a warrant out for Saren's arrest. The children need to be rescued and brought home NOW. Alison desperately needs the Canadian Government to intervene to help her free her children and return them back to [...]

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Found, but Not Free

Alison Azer now knows the location of her children. However, they are still in danger in an actively volatile region, and their father is refusing to release them. We are relieved to know where they are. Now, it's a matter of getting them out safely and swiftly. Alison and her family and friends appeal to [...]

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An Appeal to Saren Azer

Physicians, humanitarians, former medical patients, friends and family desperately appeal to Dr. Saren Azer to see his 4 children home to Canada. Please share widely. .مناشدة من اصحاب و زملاء عمل الدكتور سارين ازر. الرجاء المشاركة .بانگه‌وازێک له‌ لایه‌ن هاورێیان و هاوکارانی دوکتۆر سارین ازه‌ر. تکایه‌ به‌ر بلاوی بکه‌نه‌وه‌ .توجه‌ و درخواستی از رفیقان و [...]

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Children Abducted to Northern Iraq

RCMP and Kurdish authorities have confirmed that Sharvahn, Rojevahn, Dersim and Meitan landed at the Sulaymaniyah International Airport in northern Iraq on August 15, 2015. The following photos show the children arriving at the airport during their abduction by their father, Saren Azer (Salahaddin Mahmudi-Azer).

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A Message from Alison Azer

Türkçe – Français – Deutsch – Kurmancî – Español  ਪੰਜਾਬੀ – سۆرانی; – فارسی – اللغة العربية On Friday, August 21, 2015 I learned that my four Canadian children – Sharvahn [11], Rojevahn [9], Dersim [7], and Meitan [3] – had been abducted by their father and my ex-husband Saren Azer. A policeman came to my door at 4:30am to deliver this devastating news. I [...]

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