A Message from Alison Azer

A Message from Alison Azer 2015-10-07T04:15:00+00:00

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On Friday, August 21, 2015 I learned that my four Canadian children – Sharvahn [11], Rojevahn [9], Dersim [7], and Meitan [3] – had been abducted by their father and my ex-husband Saren Azer. A policeman came to my door at 4:30am to deliver this devastating news. I am now living a nightmare. Every day that passes without word from my children makes me more fearful.

Saren is an Iranian Kurd who has lived in Canada since 1994. He is a medical doctor who has done humanitarian work in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq annually since 2007. I admired and supported Saren’s efforts to provide medical attention to refugees. It is dreadful to me as I’m sure it is to Saren’s supporters in Canada and Kurdistan to learn that he is capable of cutting his young children off from their mother.

It is possible that Saren has taken the children into Northern Iraq, possibly flying into the region’s capital, Irbil. He has done so against a Canadian court order and there is an Interpol notice for his arrest. The courts have looked carefully at this case and determined that it is in the children’s best interests that they live in Canada. But first they must be found.

Saren and the children were in Paris, France from August 6th – 11th. I understand that they travelled by train to the Dusseldorf/Troisdorf region of Germany. They were last seen in Cologne, Germany on August 13th.

Please look at the kids’ pictures and share this story. Their lives are in Canada, their schools, friends and communities are here. They need to be found so they can come back to the only country they know as home.

Please call or text 1-250-218-2930 with any information that could help. The sooner the kids are found, the better it will be for everyone including Saren.

And to all the wonderful people who have opened your hearts to me and my children, thank you. You have come to the door with food, hugs, and offers of help. You have reached out on-line offering kind words and generous support. You are the light during a very dark time.

To my family – parents, siblings, nieces and nephews – I couldn’t do this without you. My big sister flew across Canada to be by my side on Friday, August 21st. She has assured me that she will not leave until the children come home.

I am grateful to the authorities at all levels which are devoting considerable resources in Canada and abroad to locate the children.

My heart is heavy but my hopes are high. Please help me find my children.