“I haven’t seen my children in over 7 months”

“I haven’t seen my children in over 7 months”


My kids should be packing their suitcases for a long-awaited trip this spring break. For years they asked to go to Disneyland but I kept putting them off. Because I didn’t want Saren to travel with the children outside Canada, I thought I shouldn’t either.

But last March, Saren successfully convinced the judicial system to let him take the children to Germany. They called me every 48 hours and travelled with another adult, Lynn Foster. When they returned, Sharvahn asked ‘mommy, can’t you take us on a trip too?’ I said ‘let’s save up for a trip to Disneyland next year.’ She and her siblings jumped for joy.

Saren took the children to Europe again that summer. I had a very uneasy feeling but had no legal grounds to oppose the trip. I hoped – as did my children – that they could trust Lynn Foster to keep them safe. How wrong we were. How betrayed we feel.

I haven’t seen my children in over seven months. They were abducted into Iraqi Kurdistan on August 15th and taken to territory armed by the PKK. Their father is an international fugitive, wanted by Interpol. My children’s beautiful faces appear on Missing Posters throughout the Middle East – in Kurdish, Farsi and Arabic.

I am living a nightmare that gets worse with every passing day. The only thing that helps is knowing that thousands of fine people are Friends of the Azer Children.

Please tell this story to your friends, family, Member of Parliament, and local media. Please support actions posted here to raise awareness. If you are able, please donate to the fund to find and return the Azer children to Canada. Above all, please send prayers and loving thoughts to Sharvahn, Rojevahn, Dersim and Meitan.

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