It’s time to show leadership, Justin Trudeau

It’s time to show leadership, Justin Trudeau

Over 11 months ago, my four beautiful children were taken from me by my ex-husband, Saren.

Today, he’s an internationally wanted fugitive, and he’s holding them in Iran.

I’d like to thank the thousands of Canadians who have supported me through this journey — your support means the world to me. Sadly, this journey’s not over yet.

  • I have three important updates for you today:
    Saren was arrested on June 12 by Iranian authorities. He’s currently out on bail, with mobility restrictions.
  • The RCMP wanted to communicate with Interpol Iran, but senior Canadian government officials blocked them.
  • Without leadership from Prime Minister Trudeau and the highest levels of the Canadian government, the RCMP and staff at Global Affairs’ hands are tied.

When I spoke to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on May 17 in Ottawa, he promised me that the Azer children’s file was on his desk. Now it sits there, collecting dust.

I cannot fathom starting another school year with my four children in danger when I know the Canadian government could have done more but chose not to.

Canadians and I are counting on Prime Minister Trudeau to show leadership and bring my children home.

I urge you to please call your local Member of Parliament, and call Prime Minister Trudeau, and ask them to take action. We must continue pressing our government to do something — I’m counting on you.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you again for all of your support.


Alison Azer

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